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10 Best Beaches to Camp in Baja

Feb 02, 2022

Gorgeous beaches, coastal sand dunes, and amazing weather… there’s no doubt that laid-back Baja is one of the top camping spots. And since there’s nothing like an oceanfront view, here are the 10 best beaches to camp in Baja.

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  • Picture-Perfect Beach Town

    Puerto Agua Verde

    Picture-Perfect Beach Town

    This picture-perfect beach town has it all, including white-sand beaches and plenty of camping options. Two nearby restaurants will give you a break from cooking over a campfire.

  • Access to Everything

    San Felipe

    Access to Everything

    This is a well-established community, so you’ll have access to everything from markets to WiFi. The friendly town and unspoiled beaches make this a popular destination.

  • Nesting Turtle Shores

    Playa el Saltito Sur

    Nesting Turtle Shores

    If you’ve ever wanted to check out nesting turtles, head over to this beach just north of La Paz. The wide golden sands are perfect for long walks before going for your swim.

  • Surfing-Worthy Waves

    Punta Baja

    Surfing-Worthy Waves

    This old fishing camp is a little hard to find, which means you may have a beach day to yourself! But the views are worth it, as are the surfing-worthy waves.

  • Hot Springs for Relaxing

    Playa Coyote

    Hot Springs for Relaxing

    This stunning and long white-sand beach has amazing views of Isla Coyote and the nearby Bahia de Concepcion. It’s an excellent beach for water activities and even has hot springs for relaxing at the end of the day.

  • Solitude In All Its Glory

    Bahía San Rafael

    Solitude In All Its Glory

    If you’re craving solitude, you’ve found it. There are absolutely zero amenities at this remote site. Are the beautiful beach and estuary with it? Absolutely!

Getting Ready For Baja

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