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5 Most Romantic Campsites for Valentine’s Day

Feb 14, 2022

Lay a blanket by the campfire. Ditch the camping chairs and get closer to your lover on the ground. You may just end up making out to the crackle of the fire as it dwindles down into the night. Regardless, we've got the perfect spots for you to set the mood, all on Sēkr.

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  • Red Rock Sunsets

    Coconino National Forest, Sedona, AZ

    Red Rock Sunsets

    Nothing says romance quite like the sun setting on Sedona’s red rocks. Bring a bottle of wine to one of the popular vortexes for sunset, or hike and camp to a more secluded spot high in the red rock for Valentine’s Day to remember. Camp in town or in the Coconino National Forest.

  • Stargazing

    Death Valley, California


    The stony desolation of Death Valley makes an embrace with your lover even cozier. Due to low levels of light pollution, stargazing at Death Valley is phenomenal. Death Valley is one of just a few National Parks to offer free dispersed camping. Spend Valentine’s Day intimately cuddled up with your lover beneath the cosmos.

  • Ocean Sunset + Surfing

    San Elijo State Beach Campground, San Diego

    Ocean Sunset + Surfing

    Cozy up with your lover on the sand and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Walk to downtown Encinitas for a romantic dinner. San Elijo State Beach camping is perched on sandstone cliffs above a popular surf break, and offers the quintessential southern california experience.

  • Mountain Views

    TV Tower Road, San Luis Obispo, CA

    Mountain Views

    Express your devotion high above SLO overlooking the Nine Sisters, a chain of nine volcanic mountains and hills leading to the sea. The wide-open dirt parking lot offers the perfect van camping site for a romantic evening with your lover.

  • Island Escape

    Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

    Island Escape

    If you and your lover want an unforgettable adventure, camp on Garden Key. Garden Key is a small island 70 miles west of Key West. Abundant marine life and coral reefs, the grand Fort Jefferson, and sparkling blue waters will ignite your passion.

V-Day Camping Tips

1. Bring a double sleeping bag. 2-in-1 sleeping bags ensure that there aren’t many layers between you and your lover!

2. Set the mood with a campfire. Know before you go! Are fires permitted during this season? Will there be dry wood to burn or do you need to bring your own? How will you start your fire? Practice fire safety.

3. Pack all camping essentials. Camping exposes you to the elements. Bring warm layers, rain gear, food, camp stove, and a head lamp. Meeting your essential needs will set the stage for romance.

4. Bring a sweet treat. Sweet treats are a sure way to the heart. Hot chocolate or s’mores are camping essentials.

5. Find your dream campsite on Sēkr and ENJOY.