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7 Essential Road Trip Hacks

For Traveling with Kids

Sep 08, 2021

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  • 1. Leave Bright and Early

    1. Leave Bright and Early

    Set your alarm and hit the road as early as you can. Because the sooner you head out, the sooner you can stop. Being done early means everyone (including the driver!) can spend the last few hours of the day wandering around a new city or relaxing at the campsite they found on Sēkr!

  • 2. Hold Off On Electronics

    2. Hold Off On Electronics

    We know… you were planning on letting them use phones and tablets while you waited for your coffee to kick in. But once the kids have powered on their electronics, it’ll be a battle to turn them off. Instead, save the gaming and scrolling for when they get really bored, and try other distractions first. Which brings us to Hack #3...

  • 3. Surprise Them

    3. Surprise Them

    A quick trip to the dollar store (or through Amazon!) can yield hours of boredom-busting entertainment. Try small toys and coloring books for the little ones or word searches and arts-and-crafts supplies for the older ones. Keep their surprises under wraps and them out during “I’m bored” emergencies.

  • 4. Combine Your Breaks

    4. Combine Your Breaks

    A road trip with kids means lots of breaks: potty breaks, meal breaks, and “get the wiggles out” breaks. Look for roadside parks along the way — they’re usually the perfect spot for combining all three and minimizing the number of times you’ll have to stop.

  • 5. Explore!

    5. Explore!

    When it comes to a road trip with kids, the stops can be almost as much as the destination! Give everyone time to stretch by exploring the cute downtowns and quirky roadside attractions you come across along the way. Adventures make the best memories!

  • 6. Pack Snacks - Then Pack More Snacks

    6. Pack Snacks - Then Pack More Snacks

    Pack extra snacks, even if you’ve already figured out where you’re stopping for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because at some point, kids will get bored in the car… and boredom = hunger. Make sure you have plenty of (non-messy) snacks on hand.

  • 7. Be Prepared For Emergencies

    7. Be Prepared For Emergencies

    One of the essentials for being safe on the road is being ready for what might happen. And when you’re traveling with kids, the usual emergency kit needs a few extras:

    • Motion sickness pills or wristbands, especially if it’s their first long road trip
    • Wet wipes, even if they’re out of diapers, to handle messes
    • Water - lots and lots of water
    • An oversized beach towel can serve as a blanket, playmat, roadside picnic blanket, and clean up spills.

Bonus Tip!

Bring headphones or earbuds for everybody. When one wants to watch a movie, one’s on TikTok, and you want to listen to a podcast, it’s the only way to maintain everyone’s sanity.

Hitting the open road with kids can bring some extra challenges, we admit. But a little pre-planning can go a long way towards keeping everyone happy and Sēkr can take the stress out of finding your next destination. Relish the memories, have adventures, and Happy Road Trippin’!