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8 Best Adventure Getaways for This Summer

Jul 04, 2021


Sure, you could spend lazy days lounging by the pool. But there’s nothing like a shot of adrenaline to kick your summer into high gear! And adventure getaways offer the best of both worlds: long summer days and plenty of thrills.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Check out our eight favorite action-packed adventure getaways for inspo.

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  • What to Do: Rafting

    Where to Go: Grand Canyon, AZ

    What to Do: Rafting

    Whitewater rafting down the Colorado River somehow blends excitement and tranquility, all in one. You’ll go through 19 major rapids during the 87-mile ride and experience the beauty of the canyon from a unique perspective. Afterward, explore the canyon on foot or by Jeep.

  • What to Do: Spelunking

    Where to Go: Mammoth Cave, KY

    What to Do: Spelunking

    Spanning 400 miles, Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave is hands-down “the world’s longest known cave system.” Check out the Grand Avenue Tour, which takes four hours and over 700 steps to complete.

  • What to Do: Mountain Biking

    Where to Go: Moab

    What to Do: Mountain Biking

    Moab, Utah contains five of the state’s national parks with cycling trails that are made for adventure. Trials range from challenging downhill paths (peak elevation: 11,000 feet) to easier beginner trails.

  • What to Do: Snorkeling

    Where to Go: Keys, FL

    What to Do: Snorkeling

    Do you prefer your adventure getaways on the watery side? Jet skiing, sailing, parasailing, and even jumping on a trampoline in the middle of the ocean are all options in the Keys. We recommend snorkeling the healthy, vibrant John Pennekamp Reef in Key Largo.

  • What to Do: Exploring

    Where to Go: Yellowstone

    What to Do: Exploring

    Yellowstone is one of the best national parks to explore on foot. Dozens of trails will lead you almost anywhere you want to go in the park. Be sure to hike the Fairy Falls Trail, which gives you a stunning view of the colorful Grand Prismatic Spring.

  • What to Do: Surfing

    Where to Go: Kauai

    What to Do: Surfing

    Kauai is an adventurer’s paradise, with a seemingly endless selection of heart-pumping activities. Trek 22 miles up to the Waimea Canyon lookout point, zipline over the island’s treetops or (our favorite) take surf lessons.

  • What to Do: Rock Climbing

    Where to Go: Yosemite, CA

    What to Do: Rock Climbing

    While most national parks focus on hiking, Yosemite is known for its rock climbing and bouldering. El Capitan and Half Dome are best left to trained, experienced climbers. Newbie rock climbers can take lessons at the nearby Yosemite Mountaineering School & Guide Service, then head over to the park for guided climbs.

  • What to Do: Hiking

    Where to Go: Appalachian Trail, WV

    What to Do: Hiking

    Well, maybe not all of it! The Appalachian Trail is a colossal, 2,160-foot long undertaking. But the White Mountains section in New England is perfect for a summer adventure getaway: strenuous, exciting, and not too hot. This trail is mostly above the treeline, offering some pretty spectacular views.

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