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Introducing Sēkr Shop

Jul 21, 2022

Online Marketplace Curating Products From Sustainable and Diverse Vendors

You shared, and we listened! We heard from the outdoor community that one of the biggest hurdles with travel is finding quality, useful products for outdoor adventures. There’s a unique challenge finding products for DIY builds, gear that will withstand the test of our enthusiasm, and multipurpose products that can be justified for the precious space they take up in our rigs, backpacks, and vehicles.

The Sēkr Shop will feature curated, themed collections released monthly, such as “eco-friendly upgrades to your adventure kitchen,” “our favorite women-owned brands in the outdoor industry,” and “with great power comes great responsibility: fire edition."

With Sēkr Shop, we’re helping you discover the gear and products to help you make the most of your adventures. As a specialty retailer, we’re showcasing the hidden gems for outdoor lifestyles, DIY van building and upfitting, and overlanding. Our products come from women and minority-owned businesses, some well-known favorites, and even makers from our own Sekr community, all with a focus on aligning with our values.

Sēkr Shop, available at, takes a unique approach to the marketplace model by sharing the personal stories of vendors and how their products were created, in addition to how our own Sekr team and members use the products to bring their outdoor travel experiences to life.

“As an inclusive voice in the outdoor travel community, our shop needs to align with the values of each person on our team and every Sekr member,” said Jess Shisler, co-founder and COO of Sekr. “We’re using our platform to bring more awareness to incredible companies that provide high-quality products and more importantly, support our collective mission of making the travel planning experience easier and safer for everyone from first-timers to vanlifers.”

Sēkr Shop vendors including Moon Fabrications, Geyser Systems, Quest Overland, Defiance Tools, and more are intentionally selected to prioritize high-quality materials and lifetime guarantee policies that help reduce waste and overconsumption.

Know a brand that would be a perfect fit in the Sēkr shop? Let us know! The shop will update its products frequently based on your feedback and will include novel and limited-edition collections for truly unique discoveries on a regular basis.

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