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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sēkr?


    Sēkr is dedicated to making your camping experience easier, safer and more connected. Whatever your pursuit, wherever the location – we make it simpler and safer to seek.

    Sēkr is simplifying the outdoor planning experience by aggregating and consolidating every type of campsite and related amenities into one, easy to use platform, and pairing this information with social features like messaging and events.

    What makes us special is that we connect travelers to the campsites, amenities and outdoor community they are seeking.

    We have the largest database of free dispersed camping in the U.S., but we also have private land (see CampShare), campgrounds and boondocking locations.

    We are a public benefit corporation (with Certified B-Corp dreams!) on a mission to protect the places we share by educating our members and partnering with non-profit organizations like Leave No Trace and TreadLightly! to ensure our public lands stay clean and open for recreation.

  • Who is behind Sēkr?


    We are a small, scrappy team of outdoor enthusiasts like you!

    Sēkr was born in 2018 out of camper vans by two women, Breanne & Jess, who realized planning a camping trip was a very difficult process! Before Sēkr, outdoor travelers had to sift through multiple apps, archaic websites or use phone directories to plan their camping trip. On top of that, getting reservations at popular campgrounds can be near impossible. But there are so many more options for camping besides those campgrounds! However, finding them isn't always easy.

    So we decided to democratize access to outdoor recreation by creating a free platform with every type of campsite all in one place.

    Every community member (that's you!) plays a role in building Sēkr by sharing their experiences with reviews and adding new locations!
    Read more about the team who created the app!

  • Is Sēkr available in all countries?


    Not quite yet! But we are working hard to be your global solution for all things camping. We appreciate your patience as we expand outside of the U.S. Up next are Canada and Mexico!

    Send us an email and let us know where you want us to expand next:

  • What are you doing to protect the places you are geotagging in the app?


    Our founders are trained Leave No Trace educators providing education to our community about how we all can help keep our spaces clean for the next camper.

    Sēkr is a [Leave No Trace Proud Partner]( and requires all members to abide by Leave No Trace Principles. We host regular cleanups of campsites and natural areas and have mechanisms in place for users to report troubled locations.

    If you see a dirty campsite, you can report it in a review!

  • I’m concerned about my privacy. What if I don't want to share my location?


    For your safety and security, your exact location is never visible to other members.

    On the top left side of the main app screen are three horizontal lines. Click this to view the Settings Menu and customize your privacy level:

    - Off: Your location will not be shared with anyone

    - Friends Only: Your general location will be shared with your friends only

    - Anyone: All users can see your general location

    When you have the switch set to "Friends” or “Anyone,” your profile will appear in a list of “People Nearby."

  • Does Sēkr work on iPhone or Android?


    Sēkr is available on both iPhone and Android devices!

  • Love that I can find outdoor events to attend! Can I host my own event?


    Heck yes! Please do! Anyone is welcome to host their own event on Sēkr.

    Hit the plus button at the lower-right corner of the main page. There will be an option that says "Host an Event." Select that option and build out your event. Be sure to add images and a great description to help people know what the event is about.

  • How do I share a location?


    There are two ways to share a location. First, there is a paper airplane button in the middle of the screen when looking at a location. When you hit this share icon, you can send the campsite to anyone in the Sēkr app.

    The second option for how to share a location is to select the three small dots button in the upper righthand corner. Select "Share Location" and you'll be able to copy the location's link or send it directly using different apps and options.

  • How do I add a location?


    Hit the plus button at the lower-right corner of the main page. There will be an option that says "Add a Location." Select that option and add your location. Be sure to add images and a great description to help people get to know the new campsite. Thanks for adding a location!

  • What is a CampShare?


    CampShares are private property campsites listed on Sēkr. Anyone can create a CampShare for their property by hitting the plus button at the lower-right corner of the main page. There will be an option that says "Become a Camp Host."

    CampShares are driveways, backyards, farms, open fields, and so much more. The Camp Host determines what they would like to charge to camp at their CampShare. Many are cheaper than $15 per night with a lot of them being free to camp at.

  • Can I save a location to look at later?


    Anytime! You can save a campsite or any location by selecting the bookmark button on the location's page. To find the saved location later, you can go to your Saved tab at the bottom of your screen. Here you can find your Saved Locations, Saved Events, as well as the locations you've looked at before (your History), Places Added and Places Reviewed.

  • How large can group messaging chats be?


    As large as you want it to be. Start a caravan, a group message for an event, camping plans with friends, you name it. Sēkr group messages can be as large as you want them to be! You can also send images, videos and stickers. Go out there and start your own community with Sēkr.

  • I am having an issue on the app, what do I do?


    Issues are a bummer, but they can happen! If you're experiencing any issues please email with your username, app version and what your issue is.

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