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Sēkr is a Proud Sponsor of

friendly projects


friendly projects
  • Our Mission


    Sēkr is a proud sponsor of Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly! Together we’re making outdoor travel synonymous with sustainability through education, financial contributions and action. As a Public Benefit Corporation, a portion of all sales are donated to non-profit sustainability initiatives.

  • What is Leave No Trace?


    The core principles of Leave No Trace are fundamental to keeping the outdoors accessible. With these simple guidelines, Leave No Trace helps you explore the outdoors sustainably every time you get outside!








    For a more in-depth guide, CLICK HERE

  • What is Tread Lightly!?


    Tread Lightly! and its partners lead a national initiative to protect and enhance recreation and public access by promoting outdoor ethics. Something we at Skr take extremely seriously and know is imperative to maintaining our ways of outdoor living.

    Tread Lightly! practices environmentally responsible outdoor recreation by adhering to a few simple TREAD principles that apply to the various outdoor activities including motorized recreation, water recreation, winter recreation, backcountry sport, hiking, camping, and more!

    See more about the Tread Lightly! principles by CLICKING HERE.

  • What is Project Respect Outdoors?


    We co-founded Project Respect Outdoors, a coalition of womxn and allies on a mission to bring respect and equity into the outdoor industry.

    As a female owned and operated company, we have all silently experienced varying levels of harassment, abuse, oppression, dismissal and bias from our peers. Many of us have felt alone, complicit, or to blame, but we are none of these, so we are coming together to share our individual stories to change the trajectory of diversity and inclusion in the outdoor space.

    If you’d like to join the conversation, CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • Why is Sēkr a great place for women to advance in their careers?


    As a women, minority, and queer-led startup, Sēkr started off at a disadvantage and recognized the importance of representation as that’s where diversification begins. Sēkr’s leadership team is 14% BIPOC, 43% queer and 57% women, and the core team is 25% BIPOC, 25% queer and 58% women. 

    One of Sēkr’s core values is empowerment. And, as Sēkr continues its mission of empowering people who have historically not had opportunities to participate in the outdoors, the company also ensures its entire staff feels empowered themselves. To foster this, Sēkr’s leadership prioritizes the comprehensive well-being of the entire team and provides competitive perks and benefits, including a 100% remote environment, unlimited time off (with a required minimum of 10 vacation days per year), the ability to expense four nights of camping per month, seven days utilization of Sēkr-owned camper vans for their own personal use per year, a fully expensed National Parks Pass and full healthcare coverage. By providing employees the opportunity to work from home and from anywhere in the country, employees have the flexibility to build out their work schedules around their own needs and/or family needs. 

    Sēkr’s founders, Breanne Acio and Jess Shisler, co-founded Project Respect Outdoors, a coalition uniting women business owners, non-profit leaders and grassroots change-makers to bring awareness to shared experiences and take scalable action to make the outdoors industry more inclusive. The inaugural in-person summit occurred in November 2021 where 17 key members attended, including a state senator.

    Sēkr developed an optional mentorship program where Breanne and Jess each leverage their vast well of professional connections to match employees up with experts who have specialized knowledge in whatever interest they have. Both Breanne and Jess acknowledge that the pathway to opportunities isn’t always equal for everyone, especially for women and people of color,  and want to continually create opportunities for the entire Sēkr team by providing access to thought leaders in spaces they want to learn more about and help them level-up in their professional track. 

    Sēkr also implements an 80/20 policy among its employees, meaning every employee dedicates 80% of their time to core projects that move the needle for the company while being encouraged to use the remaining 20% of their time each week to work on passion projects they enjoy and other innovative ideas. Breanne and Jess believe in the importance of holding the space for every team member to speak and be heard and regularly rotates leadership of team meetings to promote inclusivity and growth across the organization. They work diligently to ensure every team member can safely and freely voice opinions, raise questions or address concerns by conducting personal check-ins at every meeting and monthly retrospective meetings where employees are given the opportunity to fully express what’s working and what isn’t, as well as implementing regular implicit bias training at retreats.