Address: Tucson, AZ
Cost: Free
Dispersed camping spots off of Reddington Road and North San Pedro River Road. Large pull offs suitable for multiple vans. Steep incline getting here with multiple switchbacks - May not be suitable for larger RVs or busses. Cool view of city at night!
3 reviews

Anna French

Apr 2019

Cool spots, great view of Tucson at night, and comes with views of saguaros for days!


Member since 2021

Nov 2021

Great spot and only 1/2 mile of dirt roads to get up. Great cell reception and access to lots of biking and hiking trails, includi ...


Member since 2020

Dec 2020

5 stars for local hiking and view 2 stars for inconsiderate off roaders. This site also seems to be regularly visited by local sh ...

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