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Introducing SēkrHubs: Community Forums

Mar 14, 2022

Community Forums of Like-Minded Adventure Seekers

SēkrHubs are here and changing the way you travel! With SēkrHubs, we’re creating one location for discussions and message boards; a one-stop shop for you to share expertise, find information about relevant topics to your lifestyle, ask questions about the app and connect with members outside of your direct friends.

Each SēkrHub has been created based on a specific topic, such as travel rigs, certain locations and app questions. From there, each SēkrHub offers SubHubs, channels that are dedicated messaging threads for conversations around specific topics within a SēkrHub.

It is a top priority that SēkrHubs always feel safe and welcoming to members. To ensure this feeling of welcomeness, our team is bringing in community leaders for every SubHub that will act as thought leaders. These community leaders will curate conversations and encourage member engagement!

Our list of SēkrHubs will grow in tandem with our member base! See a missing channel and want to create a space for your fellow Sēkrs? Reach out to us about starting your own SubHub today!

    Items List

  • Caravans and Events


    Caravans and Events

    Your spot to find caravan buddies and learn more about upcoming events on the app.

  • Rigs, Builds and Vehicles


    Rigs, Builds and Vehicles

    A place to share vehicles, ask questions about your own setup, and get travel tips for certain rigs.

  • All Things Sēkr


    All Things Sēkr

    Become the ultimate super Sēkr! Discover new features, get product support and more!

  • Get Local


    Get Local

    Insights and conversations about particular regions.

  • Business



    All things related to remote work, digital nomadism, and transforming your work life.

SēkrHubs will be accessible in both the Community and Messages tabs of Sēkr!

Take your travel, adventures, and friendships to a whole new level with SēkrHubs. We’ll see you there!